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Fastest Return on Investment in the Islands

Island Strong Power!

Why Should You Invest in Solar?

It's the smart choice to have a solar generator. It's a great way to save a LOT of money, have a secure power source, and help the environment.

Leading Design & Build Process

We design your solar generator system with your budget in mind. We save you money on your electric bills by making sure you're not purchasing too much solar or battery.

A Great Return on Investment

Start making the most of sunlight as your main fuel source. Most of our customer's systems have a return on investment within 2 and 1/2 years!

Solar Panels
Affordable Price

Return on Investment

Our Customers Are Expected to Have a 1.5 - 6 Year ROI


Lowest upfront cost, add a battery anytime for backup power
Energy Monitoring System:

Analyze your energy usage in real-time
Solar panels
Solar Energy

Energy to Fit Your Budget

Financing Available

Covering Residential and Commercial Use


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Solar Panel
Portable Power Supply:

Lithium battery with 1500w inverter; add single solar panel for the perfect starter system!
Solar + Lithium Battery:

Huge ROI, enjoy battery backup that works with your fossil fuel generator.

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