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Over 600 amp Commercial 3-phase Electrical Audit Meter installed with (3) 800 amp 6″ Rope CT’s. No Service entrance amperage limit. READY FOR 3-PHASE.


Includes (3) 800 amp Rope CT’s . Additional 200 amp CT’s are available starting at $185 for each additional Rogowski Coil CT installed. Additional fees may apply depending on your service entrance design and conductors in parallel. Revenue grade accuracy.


Capable of measuring and overlaying solar production with facility load consumption. Get a firm grip on your utility bill, find failing equipment and identify power factor issues. Save thousands potentially on demand charges, over billing, weak capacitors and failing compressors / motors.


Ask an Electric Factory rep for more details if you have any questions.

Commercial 3 Phase Electric Meter / Monitoring over 600 amp


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